Matt Mullenax

Know Your Consumer by Being Your Consumer

If you’re an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, or business owner, you NEED this episode. Matt Mullenax, Founder and CEO of Huron, shares exactly what it takes to build a business in today’s market. Jason and Matt dive into all things marketing from social media, to surveying, to in-person interaction, to utilizing influencers and everything in between. The two discuss what it means to actually know your consumer and best practices to connect and learn from your customer. Huron is doing things differently and has hit the ground running with amazing products for men everywhere. Get your journals out and be ready to take notes with this episode, enjoy!

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About Matt Mullenax

Matt Mullenax started Huron under the premise that the world didn’t need another $40 body wash, and guys everywhere need access to great products at an approachable price. A native Ohioan, Matt hopes to fill an audience void: the fact that consumers in non-coastal markets aren’t often shown the same variety of high-quality products as their coastal peers. Huron was built to offer A+ personal care for guys everywhere. Matt has worked on both the finance and brand side of the consumer industry -- Winona Capital Management, and Nike and Bonobos (6th employee), respectively. He earned an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and a BA from Brown University.

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